About Me

About Me

Hi, I am a software developer from Germany. I have studied a bachelor degree of Scientific Programming.

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My profession

I am currently a trainee as software developer in German company. We develop software for quality management fitting to DIN ISO 9001 requirements.


Junior Developer

Aug 2017 – Now

After beeing a trainee for three years at a German company in the software development department I got hired and now work as a junior developer.

Bsc. Scientific Programming

Sep 2014 – Nov 2017

I studied Scientific Programming in Germany. This is a dual study. Main focus is on mathematics and informatics. This includes several programming languages but also topics like software engineering, algorithms and maths.

Mathematical Technical Software Developer

Sep 2014 – Aug 2017

This is an education focusing solving (software) problems with mathematical approaches. At company I work for we produce high quality software for quality management.



I started learning Delphi in August 2014 when I started my education.


My first contact with git was made in 2014 when I started my education. Since then I use git to manage my personal projects, too.


I started learning C# in 2012 for hobby projects and still continue using it for some of my projects and meanwhile got a high knowledge of the .Net framework.


As HTML is the way to build a website I am used to know how this works for several years.


I made my first contact with those web technologies in 2013 in school. Since then I am continuesly improving my skills.


I have good JS knowledge since 2015 when I first started to use it in a high amount for some of my projects.